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AudioMo contribution for June 1st - I capture some binaural birdsong

On Occupation Lane...

Rose and I take a walk along an ancient thoroughfare and discover some protected inhabitants.

A walk in the woods. Some birds, some musing...

Insomnia leads me to rediscover some handwritten recipes books from the turn of the last century, whilst listening to Dick Gaughan’s Handful of Earth...

A day spent foraging in North Yorkshire with the Taste The Wild team. Join me as I discover how to tap a birch tree, and find the secret of finding Burdock roots... https://tastet...

Storytime in the Wharf

I find a short story vending machine. The end.

In which I attend a DevOps Hackathon for the first time and take an exam in my hotel room... just me and my proctor!

Reflections on a journey to Oxford, a half remembered tale, some exceptional music, great coffee and a dodgy incense stick.

A quick pre work stroll on a pretty perfect spring morning... what can we hear? Find me... @timdifford

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